Woodway MINI LED Balloon Light

MINI LED Balloon Light

Our MINI LED Balloon Lights are released in 100 and 200 watt versions. The lights emit bright, diffused light that is suitable for indoor spaces and outdoor events.


  • The MINI LED Balloon Lights can be used to light up film sets and provide even lighting for studio photography and interior construction, and general portable lighting for outdoor activities like camping, sporting events and parties.

Technical Details

  • Voltage AC 100-240  V
  • Average lamp life 50,000 hours
  • Colour Temperature 5,000K
  • Light output: 15,600lm (100W) / 28,000lm (200W)
  • Lamp Dimension 600mm (dia) x 435mm (H)
  • IP rating IP 55
  • Overall height: approx.. 1,485-2,470mm”
  • Total weight (Light+Tripod): approx. 8.2kg (100W) / 8.4kg (200W)
  • Carry bag dimension: approx. 220mm (dia) x 400mm (L) for Light / 160mm (dia) x 1050mm (L) for tripod