Unmarked Vehicle

Blue Emergency Lights Demonstration Vehicle

Unmarked emergency vehicles require compact and covert products and installations.

Working with partners, Woodway have over 25 years experience in fitting and installing unmarked vehicles and understand customers needs for full control of programmed lights and siren sequences.

In the UK, there are certain regulations to meet, which Woodway can help specify products for.

Designed for full vehicle life, Woodway and Whelen products ensure reliability and durability as well as compliance to R10 regulations for the UK market and R65 regulations for Europe.

Recommended Products

See below for recommended products for unmarked vehicles, please note that all light types can be used if required.

These products are suitable for all unmarked vehicles ranging from officer vehicles through to covert applications.

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Designed to fit most modern vehicle grilles, these ultra-bright LED warning lights are essential for any emergency vehicles. The lights can be either recessed or surface-mounted depending on the grille type.

Numberplate with integrated lights

Used at the front of the car, fitting to any curvature of your front bumper, this flexible surround front fend-off number plate gives maximum visibility when maneuvering out of junctions.

Sirens and Speakers

Designed for full vehicle life, Whelen sirens deliver a very loud, clear, crisp warning tone.


Designed to fit most modern vehicle tailgates, these products are small and discreet, designed to maximise visibility when the tailgate is open. The lights can be either recessed or surface-mounted depending on the vehicle type.


The main benefit of these products is that all light is directed as intended out of the vehicle ensuring that there is no flashback to distract the driver of the vehicle.

Control Systems

When using a HSS Control System with Uni-Link, the siren amplifier is integrated and the discreet operating switches allow the driver to toggle between 999, arrival and reset mode.

Roof Lighting

For extra visibility a range of fixed Mini Lightbars are available to suit individual needs, these can accommodate full 360° blues with a rear red arrival option.