Blood Bikes and Others

Woodway modify, equip and develop adaptations for specialist emergency services vehicles. Our speciality is in motorcycles and specially converted off road vehicles for emergency use. For over 20 years, we have an established reputation for delivering high quality conversion work to emergency services across the UK and internationally.

Installation Services:
  • Fitting of warning lights
  • Fitting of sirens
  • Fitting of control system and switches
  • Bespoke brackets
  • Bespoke wiring harnesses
  • Fitting of communications and sat. nav. Equipment
  • Fitting of cameras and Telematics system
  • Fitting of Panniers, top box, and other accessories
  • De-kit and re-fit
  • Livery
  • Repair and modification

Here are some examples of motorcycle conversions for recognised manufacturers Yamaha and BMW.

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