Woodway MIDI LED Balloon Light

MIDI LED Balloon Light

Our MIDI LED Balloon Lights emit light that is close to sunlight. They are best for situations where no-nonsense lighting is essential for safety and practicality.


  • The MIDI LED Balloon Light can be used for rescue operations, tunnelling, oil and gas exploration, outdoor construction and on large film sets.

Technical Details

  • Voltage AC 100-240  V
  • Average lamp life 50,000 hours
  • Colour Temperature 5,000K
  • Light output: 50,000lm
  • Lamp Dimension 820mm (dia) x 630mm (H)
  • IP rating IP 55
  • Overall height: approx.. 2,080-2,810mm
  • Total weight (Light+Tripod): approx. 15.8kg
  • Carry bag dimension: approx. 350mm (dia) x 650mm (L) for Light / 180mm (dia) x 1400mm (L) for tripod