Wide Angle ION™

The smallest and most effective Super-LED on the market. A super tough, ultra-compact LED light perfect for mounting anywhere on your vehicle, inside or out. WION withstands moisture, salt, chemicals and road vibration- making it ideal for all heavy-duty applications and small enough to mount in any space on emergency and rescue equipment.

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#ffffff #e8ae3d #e03a3e #e03a3e #ffffff
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  • Single or split colour enabled.
  • Single and split colour Scan-Lock™ flash patterns.
  • Synchronise to other Whelen Sync products.
  • Fully encapsulated electronics.
  • Includes universal bracket.

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White, Amber, Blue, Blue/Red, Blue/White, Red, Red/White



Part Number

WIOND Red/White, WIONJ Blue/Red, WIONE Blue/White, WIONC White, WIONR Red, WIONB Blue, WIONA Amber

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