Perimeter Light

Delivering downward projected, high intensity ground lighting to illuminate the work area around emergency and utility vehicles, Perimeter Enhancement Lights have a multi-purpose design that can be utilized in a variety of applications.

Also available in white and chrome (image not currently available). 

Colour Housing
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  • Dual Voltage
  • 10-30 VDC Voltage
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Fully encapsulated for moisture, vibration, and corrosion resistance
  • Same mounting dimensions as original PEL models
  • Light is projected downward at a 40° angle for widespread ground illumination
  • Hard-coated lenses minimize environmental damage from sand, sun, salt and road chemicals
  • Whelen’s patented E Block technology prevents moisture from entering the lighthead
  • Mounts to vertical surfaces and may be mounted inverted
  • Moulded rubber gaskets protect body panels
  • Available in single or two color

Additional information

Colour Housing

Black, Chrome, Red, White, Yellow

Part Number