Liberty™ II Series

The next generation Liberty™ bar is the favourite of emergency services across the world, engineered with improved optic technology for unrivalled quality and light output. The Liberty™ II builds on the excellent reputation of the Liberty™, with an enhanced performance of 30% more illuminated surface area lasting the lifetime of the vehicle.


  • Whelen’s patented Collimator™ optic design
  • Advanced Thermal Design improves LED performance during extended use
  • Aluminium tops and extruded aluminium platform to maximise protection
  • Centre dividers with liquid injection moulded seals protect internal components from water
  • Newly designed alley module for contiguous light
  • Hard-coated domes minimise environmental damage
  • Clear, smoked or coloured domes
  • Available with standard or low-profile mounting feet
  • 24V available in Blue and Red Solo™ options only
  • Fully customisable – a choice of lightheads, alleys, take-downs and more
  • R65 configurations available