Avenger® II Dual SOLO™ Dash Light

The Avenger is a compact light with full-size Super LED® power. A barely detectable until powered on, small package warning protection easy to mount or transfer from vehicle to vehicle.

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#ffffff #e8ae3d #e03a3e
Independent Flashing
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  • Single, dual or split models.
  • Linear Super-LEDs®.
  • Rated for 100,00 hours of operation.
  • Scan-Lock™ flash patterns.
  • Swivel/bail bracket with three suction cups.
  • Polycarbonate hood secured with two screws.
  • Cigar plug with on/off switches.
  • Polycarbonate assembly safer in case of accident or airbag deployment.

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White, Amber, Blue, Blue/Red, Blue/White, Red



Independent Flashing


Part Number

AVC21AA Amber, AVC21BB Blue, AVC21CC White, AVC21RR Red, AVC21BC Blue/White, AVC21RB Red/Blue