Arges® features revolutionary control, with 360° of continuous rotation and 180° tilt range, in black die-cast aluminium housing. Its drivetrain is electronically and mechanically protected for optimal durability.

Arges Option
Control Head
Mounting Option


  • ProFocus™ Models: 5° spot to 60° flood variable beam width
  • Spotlight Models: 5° spot
  • Proclera® Silicone Optics
  • Black die-cast aluminium housing
  • CenCom Core™ and WeCanX™ compatible
  • 1,800 Lumens
  • The innovative mechanical design provides 360° of continuous rotation and a 180° tilt range
  • The drivetrain is electronically and mechanically protected
  • Arges installs quickly and requires no A-pillar drilling or airbag interference
  • The all-new control head features a paddle and three push-buttons
  • Programme Arges® with the Whelen® Command software or use alone with its paired control head
  • * Lightbar Mount: If choosing to mount your Arges using a Lightbar Mount, the standard lightbar mounting option is suitable for use with the Freedom IV, Justice, Legacy and Liberty II. A separate lightbar mounting option is available for use with the Cenator.


Additional information

Weight 2.25 kg
Dimensions 21 × 7.9 × 17.1 cm
Arges Option

ProFocus Remote Spotlight (ARGES2)

Control Head

Bail Mount Control Head (ARGCH1)

Mounting Option

Flat Mount Bracket Kit (ARGFM), Lightbar Mount & Bracket Kit (ARGLB1+ARGFM)