Woodway launches new Safety Products with their New Partnership!


Woodway launches new Safety Products with their New Partnership!

Woodway Engineering can now officially announce the launch of their partnership with Air Star, Fire Safety Stick, Night Stick and Wheely Safe. This is an excellent opportunity for Woodway as the range of products align perfectly and share the same values of Safety, Quality and Reliability. Woodway have been busy over the past few months expanding their product range ready for the winter and focusing on how their customers can remain safe this Christmas.

Airstar has successfully become a world leader for inflated balloon lighting technology providing lighting solutions to a global market since they were established in 1994 in France. Airstar design and manufacture powerful 360° glare-free lighting solution reproducing daylight to solve all lighting problems in the dark, serving several market sectors including events, TV and movies, (such as Titanic, Pirates of the Caribbean and Mission Impossible trilogies), military, construction, oil and gas, emergency service, rescue and recovery. The lighting range complements our existing products allowing us to sell to existing and new customers in the emergency services, fire and rescue and law enforcement markets.

Fire Safety Stick was founded in 2019 and is manufactured in Italy and adopts flame retarding technology developed for the aerospace industry. Whilst the Fire Safety Stick is a very different product compared to Woodway’s traditional lighting range, it does however fit perfectly into the emergency services sector and offers both installers and end users great advantages over traditional fire extinguishers. Key features include, 15 year shelf life, maintenance free solution, ability to coverall fire types and coupled with the fact it leaves on mess or residue all whilst being environmentally friendly means it really is the perfect vehicle based fire extinguisher solution.

Nightstick was established in Texas in 1984 by Bayco Products, Inc., a global brand of professional lighting products including Weapon Lights, Flashlights, Headlamps Lantern Lights Body worn Work Lights and Intrinsically Safe lighting solutions that exceed the industry standards in performance, quality, user-safety and value. Nightstick products are built not only with lumen ratings that exceed most competitor products, but also with optimised performance characteristics such as candela, beam distance and run-times. Quite simply, the Nightstick product line is designed and manufactured to outperform and be of a higher quality standard than any other product in its class whilst providing a very competitive product. Woodway bring the Nightstick range of Intrinsically safe and Atex rated products to the emergency services, you really must see it to believe the quality and performance that Nightstick packs into its torches.

Wheely-Safe designed and developed a pioneering, world-leading intelligent wheel, and tyre safety monitoring system in 2010. This technology allows early warning of three key factors that if ignored, can cost money in fuel, reduced tyre life, overall fleet inefficiency, severe road congestion due to accidents or even death. Wheely Safe products significantly improve vehicle safety, reliability and overall vehicle running costs; they are easily installed and provide real time wheel and tyre performance data. Woodway has the UK and Ireland distributorship covering the blue light/emergency services sector for retrofit to existing Police, Fire and Ambulance fleets along with new build vehicles through convertors.

Steve Jackson, Managing Director at Wheely-Safe says: “We’ve had great successes in the emergency services sector, and Woodway Engineering with their professionalism, expertise and extensive knowledge of the Emergency Services market make them the ideal business partner. Together we help fleets ensure they are protected against the risk of wheel loss, tyre underinflation and high wheel temperatures caused by defective brakes/hubs. Optimising tyre pressures not only improves vehicle safety it also allows a fleet to extend tyre service life, maximise vehicle fuel efficiency and reduce tyre damage. Our aim is to help fleets operate safely whilst managing operating costs and reducing unscheduled vehicle off road times.”   

For additional information please select the Safety product category or to arrange a demo please contact the sales office or your Account Manager.