Woodway Engineering Supporting Vauxhall’s Police Turnkey Solution



Vauxhall police car production.



Supplying Vauxhall’s new turnkey solution with reliable, versatile products to fit a variety of vehicles and requirements. Vauxhall have responded to the needs of the UK Police Forces, who require a one-stop-shop for blue light vehicles and ensuring vehicles are of the highest standard.

Currently, 99% of content for converting standard police vehicles is British, and Vauxhall are keen to uphold this with Woodway Engineering.



Vauxhall moved all Police car production facilities to a new purpose built site in Luton, making them Europe’s largest Police vehicle supplier.

As part of Vauxhall’s turnkey solution, they’re ensuring equipment and services remain built in Britain.

The Justice™ lightbar was selected by Vauxhall, for it’s reliability, performance and ability to fit a wide range of vehicles from GP vehicles like the Astra and Corsa, to larger Movano and Vivaro commercial vans. Woodway Engineering also supplied Vauxhal with Vertex™, ION™ T-Series™ and LINZ6™ lightheads, as well as siren systems. The performance of the products need to be reliable, and applicable to the different vehicles and uses.

  • Blue light equipment to be provided by UK suppliers.
  • Highly trusted Justice™ lightbar for optimal versatility.
  • Range of high performance lightheads, including Vertex™, ION™ T-Series™ and LINZ6™- all suitable for a variety of applications.
  • Siren systems needed for all vehicle types, including Fire and Ambulance use.


All Woodway Engineering equipment is built in the registered 9001/2008 Coventry factory; ensuring quality and conformity of manufacture, to companies like Vauxhall.

  • Justice™ Lightbar is a low profile, economical, everyday use bar available with a wide range of options with the latest Whelen® LED technology.
  • Vertex™ lightheads are perfect for when size and intensity is crucial, and can be mounted anywhere on the outside of vehicles.
  • The LINZ6™ is strong and fully encapsulated for moisture, vibration and corrosion resistance, and can also be mounted virtually anywhere.
  • ION™ T-Series™ feature linear super-LED technology, in a sleek, compact design with a depth of only 13mm.
  • All equipment can be used for the various vehicles and uses.
  • Easy to service and upgrade.



Vauxhall have been enabled to respond to the UK’s latest vehicle procurement deal, which has been signed by 28 forces and involves more than 3000 vehicles over two years, including the UK’s Fire and Ambulance services. Woodway Engineering have been supplying Vauxhall’s supply chain for over ten years, and will continue- as they offer fully equipped and ready for use vehicles, full maintenance provision during the vehicle’s lifetime and in house de-commissioning services. This new turnkey solution removes many of the issues Emergency Services fleet managers were previously faced with.


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