Woodway Engineering Offers Bespoke Highways Mast Solution



Acklea, a division of SHB Hire Ltd



To provide an illumination system to improve the existing balloon lighting system, traditionally fitted onto traffic management vehicles. Woodway Engineering created a bespoke pneumatic mast with combined spot and flood lighting, rugged enough to withstand the harsh environments highways operators face on busy motorways.



Acklea is one of the UK’s leading traffic management equipment suppliers, with a nationwide reputation for providing vehicle solutions and prioritising worker safety.

Acklea require a lighting system to create a safer working environment, and illuminate the working area, which is often busy motorways. The mast system needs to work around the vehicle’s steel works, accommodating large road signs, and be fitted behind the cab area without interference.

Acklea wanted workers to be able to easily control the mast system from inside or outside the vehicle’s cab.

  • A lighting system that doesn’t interfere with the vehicle’s existing structure.
  • High powered lighting to provide a safe and illuminated work area.
  • A handset to control the system from inside or outside the cab, that’s easy to operate.
  • Able to withstand poor weather conditions.


Acklea’s customer benefitted from a bespoke solution, as it didn’t interfere with the existing structure of the highways vehicle, fitting vertically behind the steel works. The rugged, high power lighting is ideal for all environments- providing a safer working environment, especially at the roadside.

  • Extending mast up to 2.6 metres.
  • Fitted with flood and spot light combination.
  • LED lights delivering 37,000 lumens of high intensity lighting.
  • R65 Amber, independently switched LED beacon.
  • Automatic park function activated when handbrake is released, designed to minimise damage by preventing crew pulling away while the mast is extending.
  • Bespoke software for the hand control unit, ensuring mast will park with no structural interference with the existing vehicle structure.
  • A simple handset which can be used by a gloved hand in all conditions.
  • Available in 12 VDC or 24 VDC.



This mast system has been so successful with Acklea’s customer, it has now been fitted to a range of vehicle applications. Woodway engineering are offering this mast- known as the Night Owl Vertical, as a result of the positive feedback from Acklea. There are options available to continue designing despoke solutions, including choice of lighting, cameras and beacons. This new application joins the list of Police, Fire and Marine solutions companies, benefiting from a unique solution.


Woodway Engineering prides itself on listening to customers’ needs and designing a system fit for purpose by solving a customer’s specific requirements. Get in touch with the team by emailing [email protected]