Unique Night Owl Applications



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Adapting the Night Owl mast system to provide high powered, LED full coverage lighting to enable personnel to work in darkness in coastal locations.

The initial configuration included a combination of flood and spot lights for ready to use, high intensity output.



Many ports are required to unload vessels during darkness and berthing vehicles are deployed to help with this task. Previously, personnel would arrive to assist the vessel, and would manually set up halogen lamps onto tripods. Not only was this time consuming, but more crucially it created a tripping hazard for employees: therefore, a safer and more efficient solution was needed.

The system would also have to fit the size of the Skoda berthing cars, be stowed away when not in use and controlled via a waterproof handset.

  • A safer, more efficient solution to provide lighting.
  • Fit the size of the Skoda berthing cars roof.
  • Imperative that control of the system is waterproof.
  • Full coverage lighting without the need to readjust.


The Night Owl lighting system was an ideal solution for the port, as it’s incredibly easy to raise, use and stow away- saving time and creating a much safer workspace.

  • Horizontally stowaed mast, extending 2 metres above the vehicle’s roof.
  • Generates up to 32,000 lumens of high powered LED lighting.
  • Controlled by a waterproof handset.
  • Lighting can be rotated 350° for maximum illumination coverage, without the need to readjust the vehicle’s position.
  • Fits to the roof bars of the Skoda vehicles, with no damage and without affecting the vehicle’s residual value.
  • The Night Owl operates from the car’s own battery supply, requiring no additional external power source- eliminating cbales and batteries which had previously created trip hazards.



This is just one of the innovative ways the Night Owl mast system can be adapted to solve customer lighting requirements. Operating in the port in darkness is both dangerous and a challenge, but the Night Owl has provided the safe, efficient and powerful lighting needed for the personnel assisting the vessel.

The ports have given extremely positive feedback- appreciating the instant, bright lighting, easy set up and use, while saving valuable time. This new application joins the list of Police, Fire and Highways companies benefiting from a unique solution.


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