SRG3900 Series

The SRG3900 is the world’s most successful TETRA Gateway.

Its extensive range of control console solutions, audio accessories and install options means it can be found in the world’s police, fire and ambulance vehicles; in motorcycles, trains, mining vehicles, helicopters, patrol boats and exposed rigid inflatable boats, as well as, in mobile control/incident response vehicles and in emergency control rooms.

Here you can purchase all the require accessories to support you in the use of the SRG3900. If you require a part not listed online, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you in placing your order.


Please note: The lead time on our Sepura accessories can vary depending on product range and stock availability. On placing your order, our sales team will contact you within 1 working day to confirm your order and confirm availability.


Ordering Guide: Please click on ‘Attachments’ tab for full copy of the Sepura ordering guide.

Additional information


SCC3 Enhanced Console (300-01808), SCC3 (IP67) Enhanced Console (300-01815), HBC3 Enhanced Console (300-01801), HBC Mounting Cradle Bracket (300-00671), HBC Interface Box (requires remote console cable) (300-00670), Console Dash Mount Kit (pivot) (for SCC3 only) (300-01117), Console DIN Mount Kit (for SCC3 only) (300-00804), AMPS Plate (provides AMPS standard mounting) (300-00784), AMPS (ratchet hinges) Mount (vertical plane adjustment) (300-00629), AMPS Ball (2 x balls can be used on double socket arm) (300-00860), AMPS Double Socket Arm (provides universal joint) (300-00861), AMPS Handlebar Bracket (300-00862), Transceiver Mounting Plate Kit (300-00086), Desk Mount Kit (DMU inc. PSU, EU/UK mains leads) (300-00073), Desk Mic with PTT (for use with DMU) (300-00074), Low Profile Loudspeaker – 1m Lead (300-00719), High Power Loudspeaker – IP55, 1m Lead (300-01837), Loudspeaker Extension Lead 5M (300-00082), Power/Audio Lead (Inc. 3 alarm IP and 1 control O/P) (300-00066), Remote Console Cable 0.5M (300-00067), Remote Console Cable 2M (300-00068), Remote Console Cable 3M (300-00664), Remote Console Cable 5M (300-00069), Remote Console Cable 7M (300-00665), Remote Console Cable 10M (300-00070), Remote Console Cable 12M (300-00666), Remote Console Cable 15M (300-00896), Remote Console Cable 20M (300-00895), Remote Console Cable 30M (300-00897), Console Interface Box (300-00221), Fist Mic (rear console connector – Hirose) (300-00062), Handset with PTT (rear console connector – Hirose) (300-00061), Speaker Mic (front console connector – VAC) (300-00722), Handset with PTT (front console connector – VAC) (300-00726), Fist Mic IP67 for SCC2 (rear console connector – LTW) (300-00894), Hands Free Kit (rear console connector – Hirose) (300-00079), Hands Free Kit (for virtual console / AIU – Jack Plugs) (300-00085), 24/12V Convertor (300-01903), Flexi Whip/GPS Antenna – 2dBi – 380-430MHz (360-00001), Flexi Whip Antenna – 2dBi – 380-430MHz (390-00005), Flexi Whip Mag Mount – 2dBi – 380-430MHz (390-00006), Base Station Antenna 15m – 2.15dBi – 380-430MHz (390-00007), 1/4 Wave Hinged Antenna – 2dBi – 380-430MHz (310-00006), 5/8 Wave Hinged Antenna – 7dBi – 380-410MHz (310-00007), 5/8 Wave Hinged Antenna – 7dBi – 400-430MHz (320-00008), 1/4 Wave Hinged Antenna – 2dBi – 430-472MHz (330-00009), 5/8 Wave Hinged Antenna – 7dBi – 430-472MHz (330-00010), 1/2 Wave Base Loaded Antenna – 5dBi – 800-870MHz (350-00004), GPS Active Antenna (m14 bolt mount) (300-00393), GPS Active Antenna (magnetic mount) (300-00063)