SCG22 Series

A world-class TETRA gateway paired with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

The revolutionary SCG22 combines the mission critical security and advanced performance of TETRA with a second data bearer.

A fully-featured TETRA mobile radio, the SCG22 offers a wide range of installation options, and extends communication into areas otherwise beyond network coverage, whilst also future proofing investments by integrating new technologies such as Wi-Fi.

Here you can purchase all the require accessories to support you in the use of the SCG22. If you require a part not listed online, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you in placing your order.


Please note: The lead time on our Sepura accessories can vary depending on product range and stock availability. On placing your order, our sales team will contact you within 1 working day to confirm your order and confirm availability.


Ordering Guide: Please click on ‘Attachments’ tab for full copy of the Sepura ordering guide.

Additional information


SCC3 Enhanced Console (300-01808), SCC3 (IP67) Enhanced Console (300-01815), HBC3 Enhanced Console (300-01801), HBC Interface Box (requires remote console cable) (300-00670), 3m Lead, PTT Switch (Hirose) (300-00293), 5m Lead, PTT Switch (Hirose) (300-00295), PTT Switch on long flexi stalk (Jack) (300-000229), PTT Switch, 3m Lead (Jack) (300-00319), Footswitch PPT (300-00076), Application Interface Unit (AIU) Mk2 (300-00217), Low Profile Loudspeaker – 1m Lead (300-00719), High Power Loudspeaker – IP55, 1m Lead (300-01837), Fist Mic (rear console connector – Hirose) (300-00062), Handset with PTT (rear console connector – Hirose) (300-00061), Speaker Mic (front console connector – VAC) (300-00722), Heavy Duty RSM VAC (front console connector – VAC) (300-01961), Handset with PTT (front console connector – VAC) (300-00726), Fist Mic IP67 for SCC2 (rear console connector – LTW) (300-00894), Hands Free Kit (rear console connector – Hirose) (300-00079), Hands Free Kit (for virtual console / AIU – Jack Plugs) (300-00085), 3m Lead, Mouse Style Microphone (Hirose) (300-00378), 5m Lead, Mouse Style Microphone (Hirose) (300-00379), PTT Switch on Long Flexi-Stalk (Hirose) (300-00230), Remote Short Stalk Microphone, 5m Lead (3.5mm) (300-00225), Mouse Style Microphone, 5m Lead (3.5mm) (300-00227), Heavy Duty Gooseneck microphone (3.5mm) (300-01901), Lightweight headset with snatch lead for use with DMU (300-02006), Desk Mic with PTT for use with DMU 300-00074, Flexi Whip/GPS Antenna – 2dBi – 380-430MHz (360-00001), Flexi Whip Antenna – 2dBi – 380-430MHz (390-00005), Flexi Whip Mag Mount – 2dBi – 380-430MHz (390-00006), Base Station Antenna 15m – 2.15dBi – 380-430MHz (390-00007), 1/4 Wave Hinged Antenna – 2dBi – 380-430MHz (310-00006), 5/8 Wave Hinged Antenna – 7dBi – 380-410MHz (310-00007), 5/8 Wave Hinged Antenna – 7dBi – 400-430MHz (320-00008), 1/4 Wave Hinged Antenna – 2dBi – 430-472MHz (330-00009), 5/8 Wave Hinged Antenna – 7dBi – 430-472MHz (330-00010), 1/2 Wave Base Loaded Antenna – 5dBi – 800-870MHz (350-00004), GPS Active Antenna (m14 bolt mount) (300-00393), GPS Active Antenna (magnetic mount) (300-00063), SRG/SCG Series Antenna 5m Extension Co-Axial Cable (300-01111), SRG/SCG Series Antenna 6m Extension GPS Lead (300-01113), Loudspeaker Extension Lead 5M (300-00082), 24/12V Convertor (300-01903), Console Dash Mount Kit (pivot) (for SCC3 only) (300-01117), Console DIN Mount Kit (for SCC3 only) (300-00804), AMPS Plate (provides AMPS standard mounting) (300-00784), AMPS (ratchet hinges) Mount (vertical plane adjustment) (300-00629), AMPS Ball (2 x balls can be used on double socket arm) (300-00860), AMPS Double Socket Arm (provides universal joint) (300-00861), AMPS Handlebar Bracket (300-00862), Transceiver Mounting Plate Kit (300-00086), Local Console Adapter Kit (300-02050), DIN Mount Kit (300-02051), U Bracket Mount Kit (300-02052), Remote Console Cable 0.5M (300-00067), Remote Console Cable 2M (300-00068), Remote Console Cable 3M (300-00664), Remote Console Cable 5M (300-00069), Remote Console Cable 7M (300-00665), Remote Console Cable 10M (300-00070), Remote Console Cable 12M (300-00666), Remote Console Cable 15M (300-00896), Remote Console Cable 20M (300-00895), Remote Console Cable 30M (300-00897), Remote Console Cable 3m (SCC3 IP67) (300-00774), Remote Console Cable 4.5m (SCC3 IP67) (300-01047), Remote Console Cable 9.5m (SCC3 IP67) (300-01049), Console Interface Box (300-00221), Dedicated Data Cable 0.15m (SCC3) (300-00744), Dedicated Data Cable 1.5m (SCC3) (300-00743), HBC Mounting Cradle Bracket (300-00671), Power/Ignition Lead (300-02010), Loudspeaker/IO Lead (300-02011), Loudspeaker/IO USB Host Lead (300-02012), Expansion Board, Louderspeaker/8 GPIO Lead (300-02014), Power/Ignition/IO Adapter Lead (300-02007), AIU Restricted Access Mounting Kit (300-00231), USB Data/Programming Lead (300-02009), USB VAC Data Cable (Serial only) (300-00720), Loudspeaker/IO USB Slave Lead (300-02013), Desk Mount Kit (DMU inc. PSU, EU/UK mains leads) (300-00073)