SC20/SC21 Series

SC20 Hand-portable TETRA Radio

SC20 series hand-portable TETRA radios are resilient, intelligent and durable, providing intuitive operation and outstanding performance, ready for mission-critical communications.

SC21 Hand-portable TETRA radio

Small and light, the SC21 is the next-generation, smart TETRA hand-portable radio, designed for mission critical communications. With a wide range of functionality inherited from the ground-breaking Sepura SC20 hand-portable – yet 25% smaller – it offers all the benefits of a compact radio.

Here you can purchase all the require accessories to support you in the use of the SC20 and SC21 Series. If you require a part not listed online, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you in placing your order.


Please note: The lead time on our Sepura accessories can vary depending on product range and stock availability. On placing your order, our sales team will contact you within 1 working day to confirm your order and confirm availability.


Ordering Guide: Please click on ‘Attachments’ tab for full copy of the Sepura ordering guides.

Additional information


Extended helical 380-400MHz (300-00661), Extended helical 380-430MHz (300-00417), Hi Capacity battery 1880mA/h (300-01853), Personal Rapid Charger PRC (300-01462), UK PRC Mains Adapter (300-01599), 1 + 1 Desktop Charger (300-01930), UK Mains Adapter (300-00965), 6 + 6 Desktop Charger (300-00846), Charger 24 way battery only (300-00386), UK Mains Lead (300-00686), Klick Fast Stud (300-00718), Shoulder Strap (300-00900), IP67 Srsm with Vol keys with 3.5mm earpiece socket(300-01169), IP67 Ultra RSM with front PTT, Vol.keys (300-01124), IP67 Ultra CSM with front PTT, Vol.keys Rotary (300-01123), Ear Hanger EH6 (50cm) with RAC connector (300-00562), Ear Hanger EH6 (90cm) with RAC connector (300-00563), Ear Hook EM2 (90cm) with RAC connector (300-00580), 2 Wire kit RAC version (300-00755), 2 Wire kit RAC version G type ear hanger (300-01626), 2 Wire kit RAC with Acoustic Tube (300-01628), GSM Style Hands Free Kit with PTT (300-428), In Ear Tactical Headset RAC conn (300-00746), Advanced Car Kit with Audio Amplifier (300-01921), Low Profile Loudspeaker (300-00719), Fist Mic (300-00571), Hands Free Kit (sun visor mic & PTT) (300-00657), Handset with PTT (300-00492)