The ground breaking Trakm8 RH600 is the first 4G camera combined with fully featured telematics available in a compact device, with encrypted video streaming and a host of other benefits for the emergency services. A flexible solution, available with one or two cameras, which can be pivoted securely into a fixed position. This allows for internal driver and outward facing event monitoring at the same time.


  • Efficient and secure downloading to enable live video streaming for on the spot decision making
  • Built in hard drive recording audio and visual
  • Completely secure, end to end, fully encrypted 4G gateways
  • Single compact unit, exterior and interior cameras
  • CANbus connectivity for real time vehicle data monitoring
  • Monitors vehicle performance on blue light and non blue light operations
  • Wide choice of emailed reports to produce specific dashboards to your vehicle
  • Notifications when emergency vehicles cross county lines or other chosen areas
  • GPS data collated explain delays in arriving at the scene
  • No additional DVR installation required
  • All video footage recorded to the secure camera device
  • Can be easily installed with minimal disruption to the vehicle’s interior
  • Manufactured in the UK

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