Night Owl Vertical

A vertically stowed, pneumatic mast system, with LED spot or flood lights, and options for a bespoke system. Providing an effective lighting system for a safe working environment, without interfering with the vehicle’s original structure.


  • Vertically stowed mast.
  • Pneumatic extending/retracting.
  • Standard retracted height of 1700mm.
  • Standard extended height of 2.5 metres, with other heights available up to 3.1 metres (subject to requirements).
  • Available 12 VDC or 24 VDC.
  • Uses vehicle’s own battery system.
  • Easily attaches to vehicle body with supplied mounting brackets and uses minimal storage space.
  • Compact design without the need for an electrical actuator.
  • Auto self-parking system which can be wired to the vehicle park-brake.
  • Pan and tilt of lights up to 350°.
  • Electronic module supplied in IP66 enclosure.
  • IP65 rated, illuminated display handset supplied with 3 metre coiled cable, option for 6 metre.
  • Vertically stowed mast system with options including 2 or 4 LED, spot or flood lightheads, LED beacon, 360 Vision Predator camera and antennae.
  • Mast comes with 2-year warranty, LEDs have 5-year warranty and optional camera has 3-year warranty.

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