ION™ T-Series™

The ION™ T-Series™ lighthead features Linear Super-LED® technology, with a sleek, low profile design and depth of only 13mm.

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#ffffff #e8ae3d #e03a3e
Independent Flashing
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  • Linear Super-LED® optics
  • Available in Solo™ or Duo™ models
  • Solo™ models single or split colour enabled
  • Scan-Lock™ flash patterns
  • Hard-coated lenses
  • Synchronise to other Whelen® Sync products
  • Available with smoked lenses
  • Easy to surface mount with two screws
  • Includes black flange
  • R65 models available

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Amber/Blue, Amber/White, White, Amber, Blue, Blue/Red, Blue/White, Red, Red/White



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No, Yes

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TLIA Amber, TLIB Blue, TLIR Red, TLIC White, TLIE Blue/White, TLIJ Blue/Red, TLIM Amber/Blue, TLIF Amber/White, TLID Red/White, TLI2E Blue/White DUO, TLI2J Blue/Red DUO, TLI2M Amber/Blue DUO, TLI2F Amber/White DUO, TLI2D Red/White DUO