Fire Safety Stick Accessories

All the accessories required for your Fire Safety Stick during emergencies including an anti-tamper tag, inspection record stickers, installation date and QR stickers and a Fire Safety Stick Belt Holder.

An installation guide and QR code should be purchased along with your Fire Safety Stick for your own safety and for future inspections. The Anti- Tamper Tag is used to display whether the fire extinguisher has been tampered with or not.

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Fire Safety Stick accessories available for your requirement during an emergency.

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Anti-Tamper Tag (Quantity 10), Inspection Record Sticker (Quantity 10), Installation Date & QR Sticker (Quantity 10), Installation Date & QR Sticker (Quantity 10), Fire Safety Stick Belt Holder

Part Number

TT-01, TTS-01, SS-1 (50 seconds), SS-2 (100 seconds), FSSAC03

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