Cenator® Series

The all-new Cenator® Series is innovative and fully customisable, with options for a unique centre speaker, Traffic Advisor and illuminated centre sign. This is a much brighter, low-profile, economical lightbar, that benefits from Whelen’s new BroadBand Blue™ technology, delivering higher intensity, longer optical images, and producing a more consistent colour.


IMPORTANT: Before placing a lightbar order online, we recommend viewing the ‘Lightbar Specifications’ document on the ‘Attachments’ tab below. This will ensure that you choose the best possible specification to meet your requirements. Our team will be in touch to confirm lead times for build and delivery once your order has been placed.

PLEASE NOTE: the Bars are supplied with CMK7 Cenator mounting feet as standard, if you required an alternative mounting option please contact our Sales Office for details. Optional Speaker with Lightbar requires an external amplifier.


Availability of Blue Light products is restricted. Please login if you already have access to allow you to view prices and make a purchase or contact us for further information.


  • Advanced Thermal Design improves LED performance during extended use
  • Extruded aluminium platform
  • Multiple Scan-Lock™ flash patterns
  • Optional Traffic Advisor, illuminated centre sign and speaker
  • Hard-coated domes minimise environmental damage
  • BroadBand Blue™ delivers higher intensity and more consistent colour
  • Available in standard current or WeCan® models
  • Clear or smoked outer domes with optional colour tops
  • Lighthead modules mount in any position
  • New mounting foot design allows easy installation and durability
  • Fully customisable – a choice of lightheads, alleys, take-downs and more
  • R65 configurations available
  • WeCan Module (WCCP) – The Control Point Module serves as the ‘brains’ of the Whelen WC Series lightbar and is only required when using a WeCan lightbar with a Whelen control system without a direct WeCan input, or any third party control system; this in-term acting as an interface between equipment.The module is programmed with the Whelen Command Software via the USB port and in turn, provides the necessary signals that allow the lightbar to function in the desired manner. As represented in the Command Programming software, each of the 18 inputs may be programmed to activate any number or combination of the installed lightbar components. This is accomplished by applying +12VDC to an input on the control system.
  • IMPORTANT – It is not necessary to program this device unless changes to the default configuration are desired.

Additional information

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Lightbar Length

42" Lightbar, 48" Lightbar, 54" Lightbar, 60" Lightbar

WeCan Powered Lightbar (External WCCP Required)

Yes, No – WeCan Compatible Control System Required

Select Specification

CW4206R-4 (42"), CW4207R-4 (42"), CW4810R-4 (48"), CW4806R-4SP (48") With Speaker, CW5410R-4 (54"), CW5406R-4SP (54") With Speaker, CW6010R-4 (60"), CW6010R-4SP (60") With Speaker