500 Series (TIR6) Super LED Lightheads

Next generation ultra bright LEDs in the compact 500 size lighthead. Rivaling strobe in intensity, TIR6 provides not only direct intensity, but wide-angle intensity as well.

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Flush mount Super-LED requires trim ring or grommet purchased separately. Five built-in Scan-Lock flash patterns including steady-burn. Epoxy coated for vibration and moisture resistance.


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50W03ZRR Red Lens, 50W03ZCR Clear Lens, 50T03ZCR Clear Lens, 50T03ZBR Blue Lens, 50S03ZCR Clear Lens, 50S03ZAR Amber Lens, 50R03ZRR Red Lens, 50R03ZCR Clear Lens, 50B03ZCR Clear Lens, 50A03ZAR Amber Lens, 50B03ZBR Blue Lens, 50A03ZCR Clear Lens

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