Monitoring Borders with Vehicle Mounted CCTV Mast Solution


With the ever-increasing need for continual monitoring to guard against border threats, Woodway are pleased to introduce the Night Owl Predator, assisting border security teams in the positive identification of potential threats in any nearby location and at any time, day or night.

A unique and versatile mobile CCTV solution, the Night Owl Predator is designed to be deployed in rapid security responses. This vehicle mounted camera mast can be dispatched to any location when required, allowing you to gather detailed images to protect extended land borders, with the option of white light, infrared and thermal imaging.

The Predator camera is a high-performance, ruggedized PTZ camera incorporating HSTV 1080p and capable of 30 x optical zoom, continuous 360° pan as well as its day and night capabilities. Live footage can not only be viewed from inside the vehicle, but can be transmitted remotely to the control centre, and multiple other devices, to allow immediate action to be taken in the effort to contain the border threat. The camera is IP68 rated, using the latest Sony lens technology, and equipped with vandal and anti-attack features.

The Night Owl pneumatic telescopic mast can extend up to 3m and is totally self-contained, operating from the vehicle’s own battery system – no need for a generator or external power supply, with a choice of permanent or roof rail fixing for non-intrusive vehicle installation.

For more information on the Night Owl Predator, or to book a demonstration, contact Woodway Engineering on 02476841750 or email [email protected]