Innovative Lighthead Mounting Solution With First Ever Nine-Angle Adjustable Screen Pod


With an aim to develop a universal light mounting solution to suit a wide range of vehicles, Woodway Engineering have launched a unique, adaptable screen mount complete with 9 customer selectable screen angles. The first of its kind, with angle options ranging from 35° to 90°, this all in one solution is fully adjustable, allowing the user to select their desired gradient for each application.

Having engineered a small and lightweight mounting solution specifically designed to house the Whelen ION Mini T-Series lighthead, Woodway’s two-part Adjustable Screen Pod weighs in at less than 55g when fully assembled with light. Supplied with strong bonding tape, this lightweight design guarantees adhesion in all conditions, and with no mounting brackets, you can expect a quick and easy installation experience.

The ION Mini T-Series lighthead is a versatile, high performance warning lighting option, available in blue, red, amber and clear, as well as duo colour options with independent flashing, with an extremely compact 13mm depth.

With no light bleed or bounce back, the sleek Adjustable Screen Pod provides a discreet and innovative lighting solution for emergency service applications. When paired with tinted windows, the pod appears almost invisible, making this an excellent option for covert vehicles, too.

Woodway’s Chairman Ray Skelhon explained “Our main objective when developing the Adjustable Screen Pod was to ensure that we engineered a solution suited to almost any application. We had to ensure the pod was both lightweight, and offered multiple angles which would allow the finished product to be used on a range of different vehicle types. We’re pleased to have received such a positive response from our customers.”

Designed and manufactured in the UK, the Adjustable Screen Pod for ION Mini T-Series has been developed by Warwickshire based Woodway Engineering, manufacturers of a full range of emergency lighting, equipment and accessories; and is available to purchase on the website: