Woodway Expands Product Offering with Trakm8


Woodway Engineering is expanding its offering to the blue light sector to include telematics cameras.

Woodway, the UK’s leading supplier of lighting solutions to the emergency services, has signed a partnership agreement with Trakm8, the UK’s largest manufacturer of telematics devices. The deal will see Woodway act as a distributor of Trakm8’s innovative RH600 vehicle camera to the blue light sector.

The RH600 is the most advanced 4G telematics camera on the UK market. Integrating telematics and driver behaviour analytics with dash cam technology in one compact device, the RH600 provides fleets with the insights they need to improve safety and reduce costs.

Ray Skelhon, Chairman of Woodway Engineering, said: “We are experiencing growing customer demand for a product that combines the best elements of telematics with a high-quality vehicle camera. The RH600 actually exceeds our expectations and we think it will be a great addition to our customers’ fleets, bringing them myriad safety and operational benefits.”

The partnership brings together two highly-regarded West Midlands-based manufacturers. Launched last year to selected fleets including Iceland Foods and Calor Gas, the RH600 is now in full production at Trakm8’s UK manufacturing facility in Coleshill. Located in nearby Coventry, Woodway Engineering is a leading supplier of high-quality automotive emergency warning systems, including lights, beacons and sirens.

Chris Horbowyj, Channel Sales Director for Trakm8, said: “Woodway is one of the best-known suppliers to the emergency services and has a hard-won reputation for providing high-quality products. We believe that there is a huge opportunity for telematics cameras in this space and are delighted to be working with such a prestigious partner to develop it.”

The RH600 has two cameras – one in-cab and one forward-facing. Together, the HD cameras provide clear footage from the driver’s perspective and hard evidence to defend fleets against false claims. The camera automatically records video of harsh events, but its real power lies in its ability to provide on-event videos or stills, and real-time streaming or historic video on-demand.

One customer who deployed the RH600 across 1,500 vehicles found that it cut the number of viable insurance claims made against the company by 50%. It also witnessed a 260% increase in instances where dash cam footage was able to support a claim in the company’s favour.

The RH600 can provide up to 250 videos, 125 photographs and 10 minutes of live-streaming per vehicle each month making its running costs much lower than other cameras. The device can also predict vehicle failures before they happen. Through CANbus connectivity, the RH600 provides diagnostic trouble codes and battery health information, along with driver scoring, all of which reduce costs related to breakdown, accidents and fuel consumption.