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Along with the manufacturer’s significant changes to the bike, it is fair to say this Yamaha FJR1300 PRO police motorcycle is a brand new machine. For additional safety to compliment the ABS, the new bike is fitted with traction control. For smooth economical operation, the engine has been refined in fine details, such as injection systems and engine remapping.

For rider comfort, the seat has gel pad inserts and the fairing has been re-designed with foot shields, hand guards and fairing protectors. The centre stand has also been balanced for easy operation. For operational use, the Yamaha conversion features the fitment of the latest Whelen® LED lighting system and the 100W Euro-1 siren package, powered by a second battery.


Yamaha FJR Installation Woodway Whelen Frontatures


Yamaha FJR1300 PRO Front: 

Yamaha FJR1300 PRO Side: 

Yamaha Police Conversion - Side View

Yamaha FJR1300 PRO Rear: 

Yamaha Police Conversion - Rear


Control Panel: 

  • A versatile six switch panel. Allows you to select both individual lighting requirements, and lighting instructions for the separate handlebar mounted, 999 and ARRIVAL switches, and a separate "arm" switch for the siren.   
  • Low light inhibit mode to control the white front flashing lightheads, and a sleep mode to protect battery drain when not in use.
Yamaha Board

Further Information

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