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Case Study: Woodway Create Bespoke Nightowl Mast System

Woodway Engineering have worked together with Acklea to create a Nightowl Mast System bespoke for customer requirements

Acklea – one of the UK’s leading Traffic Management Equipment Suppliers – has built a nationwide reputation as a provider of vehicle solutions and places the safety of workers at the top of its priority list when designing vehicles. They understand the challenges faced by Highway operators who work in the most demanding road situations - on busy motorways, at night time and in poor weather conditions. The brief to Woodway’s Product Development team was to provide an illumination system which would improve on the existing balloon lighting system which had traditionally been fitted onto Traffic Management Vehicles.

Acklea Mast Nightowl Mast on an Acklea Vehicle view from the front


  • To provide an effective lighting system for Acklea’s customers which would illuminate the operator’s working area and provide a safe working environment.
  • To design a system that would not interfere with the existing vehicle structure, specifically the vehicle’s steel work which accommodated large road signage.
  • To include a handset which could be operated from inside or outside the vehicle’s cab.

Woodway’s solution was a bespoke pneumatic mast system with combined spot and flood lighting which was fitted behind the cab area of the vehicle, to the existing vehicle structure.

Acklea Mast 2 Nightowl Mast on an Acklea Vehicle from the rear


This mast system has been so successful with Acklea’s customer that it has now been fitted into 14 vehicles with further installations to shortly follow.


  • A mast extending to 2.6 meters in height fitted with 2 x 70 watt spots lights and 2 x 70 watt flood lights (32,000 lumens in total) plus a R65 certificated LED amber independently switched LED amber beacon.
  • A handbrake release system designed to prevent a vehicle operative accidentally pulling away with the mast system fully extended. The mast was designed to automatically park when the handbrake was released.
  • Bespoke software for the hand control unit ensured the mast would park with no structural interference with the existing vehicle structure.
  • A handset located inside the vehicle which may be operated outside the vehicle on a 3 meter coiled wander lead.

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