Opti-Din 12V CenCom Switch panel

The OPTI-DIN provides the next step forward in equipment control for emergency services vehicles, while retaining and enhancing the features of the industry standard OPTI-LINK. The new slim profile makes it easy for the switch panel head to be mounted in a variety of ways.


  • Individual switches with clear interchangeable legends.
  • Bespoke legends available.
  • 12 programmable switches for latching, momentary and mutually exclusive actions.
  • Combined 999, Arrival and Reset switch installed.
  • Back lighting on switches.
  • Auto-dim of switches in low-lighting for minimal distraction at night.
  • Low battery volts visual warning.
  • Microphone and press to talk switch when connected to Beta amplifier.
  • Audible and visual warnings confirm a switch is active.
  • Sleep mode enabled.
  • WALK TEST function, to confirm system is working.
  • Direct connection to receiver module, no interface board needed.
  • Multiple installation options.

Additional information

Weight 0.28 kg
Dimensions 15.9 × 4.7 × 3.3 cm