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Woodway Motorcycle Conversions 

KAWASAKI 1400 GTR Police Motorcycle Conversion 

Kawasaki 1400GTR Overt Police Conversion utilising Whelen LED technology

The Kawasaki police motorcycle conversion has been evaluated by Kawasaki for stability. The conversion features the fitment of an all Whelen® LED lighting and 100W Siren package. The latest Whelen® lighting technology provides high reliability and low current draw essential for use in the hostile environment experienced on police motorcycles battery.

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Yamaha FJR1300PRO Police Motorcycle Conversion 

Yamaha Overt Police conversion utilising Whelen LED technology

Along with the manufacturer’s significant changes to the bike, it is fair to say the Yamaha FJR1300 Pro police motorcycle is a brand new machine. For additional safety to compliment the ABS, the new bike is fitted with traction control. For smooth economical operation, the engine has been refined in fine details, such as injection systems and engine remapping.

For rider comfort, the seat has gel pad inserts and the fairing has been re-designed with foot shields, hand guards and fairing protectors. The centre stand has also been balanced for easy operation. For operational use, the Yamaha police motorcycle conversion features the fitment of the latest Whelen® LED lighting system and the 100W Euro-1 siren package, powered by a second battery.

Yamaha Overt Police Motorcycle Conversion - Further Information

HONDA VFR-F and VFR-X Police Motorcycle Conversions 

Honda motorcycle conversion

VFR1200F and VFR800F:

Ideal for pure road use, the Honda VFR1200F and VFR800F feature the iconic V4 engine configuration. The VFR1200F is a full specification overt Honda police motorcycle that fits the latest Whelen® lighting system and 100W Euro 1 Siren package, with instant response settings and customisable lighting options. Its smaller sibling VFR800F goes for a simpler approach, but still carries a full lighting and siren package and can be fitted with a Run Lock system.

VFR1200X and VFR800X:

Great in town and countryside, these Honda models are suitable for a more functional use, as they are characterised by enhanced visibility and road presence that enables the rider to see and to be seen clearly. Featuring the latest Whelen® lighting technology and 100W Euro 1 Siren package, the emergency equipment, together with the radio hardware, is fitted on a lower portion of the standard rear top box for maximum practicality. The new Whelen® 180-degree LINV2B used as fend-offs are particularly effective in illuminating both sides of the bike and producing additional forward and rear lighting.

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