Be Heard, Be Seen, Be Woodway...

Key to symbols 


5 year warranty 

5-year Heavy Duty Professional Warranty

2 year warranty  

Comprehensive 2-year Warranty.


Available in 12V for light commercial vehicle, van, 4X4 and car applications.


Available in 24V for commercial vehicle applications such as Fire Appliances and Incident Command Vehicles.

Dual Voltage

Available with dual voltage so can run on both 12V and 24V vehicles

R10 Marked  

Approved to the European Vehicle EMC Directive, 2004/104LED Lights 

Split Colour  

Product available in split colour (e.g. Red and Blue) 


SYNC capable devices are able to synchronise their output

Scan Lock

Scan-Lock™ allows you to scan through multiple flash patterns and lock-in the desired pattern.Sirens / Amplifiers 

100 Watt  

Designed to power one 100 watt,11 OHM speaker

200 Watt 

Designed to power either one or two 100 watt, 11 OHM speakers.

Hands Free

 Allows the driver to turn the siren on, change tones and turn the siren off via the vehicles road horn button.


Yelp - 800Hz - 1750Hz, 180 cycles/minute


Wail - 800Hz - 1750Hz, 12 cycles/minute


Piercer - 800Hz - 1750Hz, 800 cycles/minute

2 Tone 

2 Tone - 550Hz - 1750Hz, 50 cycles/minute

Air Horn 

Air Horn - 600Hz - 1200Hz, composite

Customer Program 

Real time diagnostics indicator.LED Flashers

2 Outlet 

One remote head is wired to one outlet.  An 8 outlet flasher may have eight lights connected to it. For example, a ULF28 has 2 channels and eight outlets. You can therefore wire up to 8 Super-LED remote lightheads to flash simultaneously or alternate four lights with four lights.

2 channel

Not to be confused with the number of outlets. This refers to the number of alternating (or simultaneous) output channels available on the flasher. For example, a two-channel flasher will have two channels which may be either alternating or simultaneous.

Hi / Low

Low intensity setting for night time use. This is recommended for lightheads mounted on the rear of a vehicle such as pumping appliances.
(Typically two pumping appliances will be dispatched to an incident, hence one will follow the other, the intensity of the rear lights on high power may dazzle the driver of the following vehicle).