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Kawasaki 1400GTR - Woodway Police Motorcycle Conversion

Kawasaki 1400GTR Overt Police Conversion utilising Whelen LED technology


The police conversion has been evaluated by Kawasaki for stability. The conversion features the fitment of a Whelen® LED lighting kit and 100W Siren package on all Kawasaki police motorcycles. The latest Whelen® lighting technology provides high reliability and low current draw essential for use in the hostile environment experienced on the vehicle's battery.


Kawasaki Police Motorcycle - Lighting Kit:

 Kawasaki Side

Kawasaki Police Motorcycle - Siren Kit:


Radio and Interface Board:

Landline Board:

 Kawasaki Board

Engine Run Lock:

  • The Run Lock facility provides the ability to maintain the engine running whilst removing the ignition key. To prevent theft of the motorcycle the engine is cut off immediately when a gear is selected. This feature is useful where users anticipate that the motorcycle emergency equipment will be operated for prolonged periods of time without the rider being present. Running the engine maintains the battery charge.
Kawasaki 1400 GTR Run Lock

Rear Equipment Housing:

  • The rear fibreglass equipment housing provides a secure, easy to access space to mount the siren amplifier, rear pole light LED flasher and optional Run Lock system.
  • Sufficient space remains to mount customer specific equipment such as radio transceiver packs, Incident Data Recorders (IDR) and GPS receivers.
  • All mounting brackets are constructed from laser cut stainless steel plate for maximum durability. Customer specific mounting plates can be fabricated to mount any additional customer specific equipment that may be required.


  • The original twin seat is modified to a single seat with gel insert and is designed to provide maximum rider comfort. The seat is securely mounted retaining the original key release mechanism. The original pannier mounting configuration is retained.
 Kawasaki 1400 GTR Seat


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