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Standard Terms and Conditions for Woodway Competitions


1) These terms and conditions apply to any competition promoted on the Woodway Engineering Ltd. website and social media pages.
2) By entering any competition, you agree to the Terms & Conditions.
3) Woodway Engineering Ltd reserve the right to cancel or amend all or any part of the competitions and the related Terms & Conditions without prior notice in the event that is outside of their control, however Woodway Engineering Ltd. will make any effort to inform the participants of any changes as soon as possible.


1) By entering the Competition, you agree to provide complete and true information. 
2) Woodway Engineering Ltd's competitions are exclusively open to people who are resident in the United Kingdom and are over 18 years of age.
3) Any person that is in any way associated with Woodway Engineering Ltd, such as employees, distributors and family members, is not eligible to enter the Competition. Woodway Engineering Ltd reserves the right to disqualify any person that is not eligible for the Competition.
4) In the event that the winner of the competition is disqualified, Woodway Engineering Ltd will select a new, eligible winner following the same rules.


1) All the entries must be made by the closing date provided and in the manner set out in the terms of the competition by filling up the competition form provided, or sending an email at [email protected] with the participant's contact details. There is no requirement to make any purchase in order to enter the Competition. The submission of the form will count for one entry.
2) Occasionally, Woodway Engineering Ltd might be provide further opportunities for additional entries, which will be specified on each instance and will apply only to the related competition.
3) Following the closing date, Woodway Engineering Ltd will choose at random one winner among the participants that entered the competition. Woodway Engineering Ltd will contact the winner using the email address provided in the entry form, and the winner will have 48 hours to accept the prize. In the event that the winner fails to accept the prize within 48 hours, another eligible winner will be chosen following the same rules.
4) When the prize of the competition is the entrance to a specific event, such as tickets for a race, the winner will have to be able to reach the event's location on the date by using their own means of transportation. Woodway Engineering Ltd will not cover travel expenses or other costs associated with the event such as meals, drinks and upgrades.


1) Woodway Engineering Ltd. accepts no responsibility for any damage, loss or injury suffered by any entrant in entering the competition, or during events associated with the competitions such as Motorsport races. You are present at your own risk.


1) Woodway Engineering Ltd will use any personal information that you provide with your entry for the purposes of the related competition and, when consent has been given, for marketing purposes, including the distribution of relevant email updates or newsletters.
2) Any personal information relating to entrants will be used exclusively by Woodway Engineering Ltd, and will not be communicated to third parties.