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Whelen Century Series 

The Century™ Series are a range of low profile lightbars designed for long life reliability and ease of operation.


Blue Century Lightbar



Blue LED Red LED Amber LED

Comes with 5 Year Warranty from manufacture 12v R10 Sync Split Colour lightbar  R65 MTO WeCan



Whelen Century Elite Series

Century Elite

Whelen Mini Century Series

  • Low profile design with compression fit gasket for superior moisture resistance.
  • Available in Amber, Blue, Red and Split Colour. 12V only.
  • Standard current switching with 17 Scan-Lock™ flash patterns and pattern override.
  • Four corner Linear Super-LED® modules which provide 360° coverage.
  • Extruded aluminium platform for rugged, long life dependability.
  • Available in four mounting options: permanent mount, magnet mount, magnetic/suction mount, and stud mount.
  • Magnetic and magnetic/suction mount supplied with 10” straight cable and cigar plug with on/off switch and pattern selection switch.
  • Permanent mount models come with 12” pigtail.
  • Clip-Lock™ system allows easy removal of lightbar domes for service, without compromising the weather resistant seal.
Mini Century



Century Dimensions


Whelen Mini Century

MC11P*: 11”, Permanent Mount
MC11M*: 11”, Magnet Mount
MC11S*: 11”, Stud Mount
MC16P*: 16”, Permanent Mount
MC16M*: 16”, Magnet Mount
MC16V*: 16”, Magnetic/Suction Mount
MC16S*: 16”, Stud Mount
MC23P*: 23”, Permanent Mount
MC23M*: 23”, Magnet Mount
MC23V*: 23”, Magnetic/Suction Mount
MC23S*: 23”, Stud Mount


Whelen Century Elite Series

CE4****: 44”
CE8****: 50”
CE2****: 57”

Replace * symbol in model number with LED colour desired:
A= Amber, B= Blue, R= Red and C= White.PTIONS

CEDLX*: One Linear12™ LED Amber, Red, Blue or White
CETAT8: Eight TIR Lamp Amber LED Traffic Advisor™, requires no special Control Head. For CE4, 44” models only
CETAL5: Five LED Lamp Amber Linear-LED® Traffic Advisor™, requires no special Control Head. For CE8, 50” models only
CTLS1: Two LR11 LED Take Down Lights
CALF1: Two LR11 LED Alley Lights



Whelen Mini Century

Amber, R65 Class 1 Mini Lightbar:
CE11AAAAM-R65C1: 11” Magnetic Mounting
CE11AAAAP-R65C1: 11” Permanent Mounting
CE16AAAAM-R65C1: 16” Magentic Mounting
CE16AAAAP-R65C1: 16” Permanent Mounting
CE23AAAAM-R65C1: 23” Magnetic Mounting
CE23AAAAP-R65C1: 23” Permanent Mounting

Blue, R65 Class 1 Mini Lightbar:
CE16BBBBM-R65C1: 16” Magentic Mounting
CE16BBBBP-R65C1: 16” Permanent Mounting

Blue, R65 Class 2 Mini Lightbar:
MCB-R65C2: 11” Magentic Mounting


Whelen Century Elite Series

Amber, R65 Class 1 Lightbar:
CE27AAAA-R65C1: 27” Permanent Mounting R65 Version
CE35AAAA-R65C: 35” Permanent Mounting R65 Version
CE41AAAA-R65C1: 41” Permanent Mounting R65 Version
CE4AAAA-R65C1: 44” Permanent Mounting R65Version
CE8AAAA-R65C1: 50” Permanent Mounting R65 Version
CE2AAAAA-R65C1: 57” Permanent Mounting R65 Version
CE60AAAA-R65C1: 60” Permanent Mounting R65 Version
CE72AAAAA-R65C1: 72”Permanent Mounting R65 Version

Blue, R65 Class 1 Mini Lightbar:
CE41BBBB-R65C1: 41” Permanent Mounting R65 Version
CE4BBBB-R65C1: 44” Permanent Mounting R65 Version
CE2BBBB-R65C1: 57” Permanent Mounting R65 Version
CE80BBBB-R65C1: 80” Permanent Mounting R65 Version


A small selection of the most popular configurations are available to buy online by clicking here

Mini Century Installation Guide - Click to download  
Century Elite Installation Guide - Click to download  
Product Information Sheet - Click to downloadFurther Information

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