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Whelen CenCom Sapphire™ UK: All-in-one Siren Amplifier Control Module

CenCom Sapphire UK

Manufactured by Whelen exclusively for Woodway Engineering, the brand new CenCom Sapphire UK is the all-in-one solution you have been waiting for. Catered specifically to the needs of our UK customers, the CenCom Sapphire™ is the ultimate siren and light control unit, offering an abundance of features alongside the reliability you have come to expect from Woodway.

No more secondary boxes and mountains of wire to contend with, saving on time and installation costs. Just plug and go! (Handset not included)

5 Year Warranty  12v r10 approved  200 watt speaker compatibility (2 x 100w speakers) Hands Free Compatible  YELP Siren Speaker Tone  Wail Siren Speaker Tone  Piercer Siren Speaker Tone 2 Tone Siren Speaker Tone Air Horn Siren Speaker Tone  Customer Programmable via software Built in PA Functionality  Real Time Diagnostics  AES Specification 5 Approved  WeCan Compatible  Software is compatible with Windows 7 Operating Systems  Software is compatible with Windows 8 Operating Systems   

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Whelen CenCom Sapphire™ UK - Key Features 

Fully Programmable
Configuration programming is easier than ever with newly redesigned CenCom Sapphire software. CenCom Sapphire UK retains the highly regarded simplicity of previous Whelen CenCom software, with new features and added flexibility; including the ability to configure your Whelen WeCan® lightbar.

Siren Testing Volume Reduction Unit
The CenCom Sapphire™ UK comes with an STVRU offering enhanced convenience during installation.

Integrated WeCan® serial port
CenCom Sapphire UK adds an integrated WeCan® serial port for connecting your Whelen WeCan series lightbar directly to the unit.

Built in Siren - 200w Speaker Compatibility
The CenCom Sapphire™ UK can control either a single 100 watt or 2x100 watt siren speaker drivers.

Run Lock
There is a built-in traditional Run Lock, which can be set to run unlimitedly or up to 4 hours, and has conditions linked with the handbrake and footbrake.

Woodway Switch Panel Connectivity
The Cencom Sapphire™ UK connects directly with the Opti-Link,
Opti-Din and Micro-Link switch panels without needing to use any interface or receiver modules. All switch panels retain existing functionality including external 999 activation, PA and Keypad illumination. New Feature: when paired with the Opti-Link switch panel, the 999 button can now control its own outlets.

CenCom Sapphire connected to Woodway Opti-Link Switch Panel

Whelen CenCom Sapphire™ UK - ADDITIONAL FEATURES 

  • Indicator LEDs have been added to each output creating a simple way to troubleshoot shorted or broken connections in your vehicle’s wiring.
  • Fuses and connections are easily accessible without having to use any tools or remove any covers. All high-current outputs are fused for your convenience.
  • New, heavy-duty power and output connectors can handle rough treatment without damage or accidental disengagement and are easily accessible on the front of the unit.
  • Solid-state outputs: one 40-Amp, two 20-Amp, four 10-Amp, and four 250 milliAmp.
  • + 8 x 2amp Negative Outputs.
  • Relay output: one 10-Amp Dry Contact Relay. 
  • Lightbar: 1 Phoenix style connector for a WeCan series lightbar.
  • Inputs: 3 negative, 3 positive and 4 that are selectable (either negative or positive) 
  • Easy to configure using the included CenCom Sapphire UK Windows application.
  • Configured programs may be extracted, modified and stored for ease of service.
  • A USB port on the unit provides easy access for programming. The control head does not need to be connected for programming.
  • The rugged, aluminium-housed unit is field-serviceable with easy access to fuses and connections.
  • Variable delay shutdown timer up to 4 hours after the ignition has been turned off, this can be used to keep sockets or radios alive for this period.
  • Load Management feature where you can select a voltage between 10v and 12v (in increments of 0.25 volts) to load shed circuits.
  • Includes all connectors.
  • Rugged CAT-5 cable connects the control head to the unit.
  • Five-year heavy duty warranty.

The CenCom is an all-in-one unit that significantly reduces the amount of parts needed for installation.

Parts saving with CenCom Sapphire UK

Time to say goodbye to the Keypad Interface Module, Output/Receiver Module, Lightbar Interface box, Siren Amplifier, Rear Fog Flasher, Siren In Use Interface, STVRU, Grille Blues LED Relay, Tailgate Switch Relay, Delay Timer, Microphone Extension Cable and Run Lock.

Whelen CenCom Sapphire™ UK - IN THE BOX

CenCom Sapphire UK - In the box

  • 1 x CenCom Sapphire UK 
  • 1 x RJ45 blanking plug/dust Cap
  • 1 x Software CD 
  • 1 x CAT5e extension cable 
  • 1 x 3 way ‘WeCan’ screw terminal plug
  • 2 x 4 way Molex Mini-Fit Senior black female plug (Main Power)
  • 1 x 14 way Tyco Mini Universal Mate N Lok Female Plug
  • 1 x 12 way Tyco Commercial Mate N Lok Male Plug
  • 1 x 8 way Tyco Universal Mate N Lok Female plug
  • 1 x 6 way Tyco Mini Universal Mate N Lok female plug
  • Male and female connectors


Electrical and physical data
Output Voltage: @15VDC @11ohms, 24Vrms Maximum
Speaker Impedance: 5.5 Ohms Minimum
Input Voltage: 12.5VDC +/- 20% (negative ground only)
Main Input Current: 80 Amps Max.
Standby Current: 100NA
Operating Temp: -30C to +60C
Storage Temp: -40C to +70C
Humidity: 99% (non condensing)

Siren/Amp module
Wail: 725 to 1600 Hz 12 cycles/min.
Yelp: 725 to 1600 Hz 180 cycles/min.
Piercer: 725 to 1600 Hz 800 cycles/min.
Hi/Low: 550 to 650 Hz 60 cycles/min.
Airhorn: Composite Constant
Audio Bandwidth: @25 Watts, 300 to 10000 Hz +/- 3db
Distortion: @25 Watts @1KHz, 1% Maximum

Outputs (main outlets are protected by mini blade fuses)

  • 1 x 40 amp split circuit (Positive switching)
  • 2 x 20 amp circuits (Positive switching)
  • 4 x 10 amp circuits (Positive switching)
  • 1 x 10 amp dry contact circuit
  • 4 x 250 milliamp circuits (Positive switching)
  • 8 x 2 amp circuits (Negative switching)

10 Inputs

  • 4 x Positive or Negative inputs (Selectable) 
  • 3 x Positive inputs
  • 3 x Negative inputs

Inputs can be Latching, Momentary, Security timed (*see below) or a Variable timer 100ms to 10 minutes.

* There is an 8-second security timer, activated with a double pulse for access to gun boxes or a safe box for documents etc.

Whelen CenCom Sapphire™ UK - Model Numbers

CenCom Unit - Model Numbers:
CENCOM-UK: CENCOM Sapphire UK - Siren-I/O Unit UK Spec
CENCOM-UKH: CENCOM Sapphire UK - Siren-I/O Unit UK Spec with Headlamp Flasher

Switch Panels (Connecting cable included) - Model Numbers:
ADDMLINKCC: Micro-Link 12V


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Whelen CenCom Sapphire™ UK - Dimensions

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