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Kawasaki 1400GTR - Woodway Police Motorcycle Conversion


1400 GTR

A Kawasaki UK approved overt Police conversion of the 1400GTR motorcycle designed for a variety of policing roles. The police conversion has been evaluated by Kawasaki for stability. The conversion features the fitment of an all WHELEN LED lighting and 100W Siren package. The latest Whelen lighting technology provides high reliability and low current draw essential for use in the hostile environment experienced on police motorcycles.

Kawasaki Conversion

1400GTR UK Conversion Features:



Control & Auxiliary Systems:

Equipment Mounting:

Communication Infrastructure:


Front Lighting 

Two Whelen M4 Series LED lightheads one mounted adjacent to each rear view mirror provide directional warning to the front of the motorcycle.

Two Whelen LINZ6B LED lightheads, one mounted on each side of the upper fairing provide fend off protection. Each LINZ6B contains 6 Super-LED’s.

Head Lamp flash is standard and may be selected independently from the other lighting functions. In low light conditions it is automatically disabled to prevent dazzling on coming traffic.

Whelen M-Series LED Lighthead  Whelen Linz6 Lighthead fitted with ZM544 Black Flange

Rear Lighting 

Pole mounted ‘V’ head using the Whelen Universal Super-LED Hideaway Lamp. The pole is made from carbon fibre for extended heavy duty use and its low weight. The pole has a single extending section.

Additional rear protection is provided by a Whelen M7 Series Super-LED blue directional lamp and 2 off LINZ6R alternating red lamps.

Woodway Whelen Kawasaki Police Conversion Rear   Whelen M7 Series Blue Super LED

100w Siren Speaker 

The 100W high efficiency speaker is mounted discreetly inside the front fairing allowing sound to be projected forward without distortion using acoustical tubing to connect between the siren driver and speaker flare.

Alpha 12x Siren Amplifier  

The Whelen ALPHA12X Siren Amplifier provides five siren tones, WAIL, YELP, PIERCER or HI/LO (2 Tones).

The siren features ‘Hand Free’ Operation allowing the siren to be armed by the ‘999’ program and the ON/OFF and tone change controlled via the original motorcycle horn button.

Alpha 12x Kawasaki Siren Control

Engine Run Lock 

The RUN LOCK facility provides the ability to maintain the engine running whilst removing the ignition key. To prevent theft of the motorcycle the engine is cut off immediately a gear is selected. This feature is useful where users anticipate that the motorcycle emergency equipment will be operated for prolonged periods of time without the rider being present. Running the engine maintains the battery charge.

Engine Run Lock

Rear Equipment Housing

The rear fibreglass equipment housing provides a secure easy to access space to mount the ALPHA12X siren amplifier, rear pole light LED flasher & optional RUN LOCK system.

Sufficient space remains to mount customer specific equipment such as radio transceiver packs, Incident Data Recorders (IDR) and GPS receivers.

All mounting brackets are constructed from laser cut stainless steel plate for maximum durability. Customer specific mounting plates can be fabricated to mount any additional customer specific equipment that may be required.

999 & Arrival Switches

These switches are customer programmable and will activate a pre set switch combination. This may be changed to user preferred selections. The ‘999’ switch is duplicated on the LHS handlebar so the rider can operate this emergency function without removing his hands from the handlebar grip.

MBLink Switch Panel

Reset / Walk Test Switch 

This switch is a dual function switch. A single quick press will cancel all active functions on the switch panel. To activate the ‘WALK TEST’ feature the switch is pressed until the green led flashes. The system will then cycle through all the switch functions making each active for 4 seconds to allow the operator to check that the equipment it controls is functioning correctly.

Front and Rear Switches 

These are multifunction switches that can select/deselect combinations of the lights they control. FRONT controls the headlight flash and the front LINZ6B & M4 lights. REAR controls the rear pole and the rear alternating blue M7 & red LINZ6 lights.

Blue 999 switch is duplicated on the LHS handlebar. (Optional RESET and radio PTT also shown).

Option Switch

Siren Switch 

This switch ‘arms’ the siren system. Controlling the siren on/off and tone change is achieved via the road horn button. Once the siren has been armed a single press of the road horn activates the siren, subsequent single presses of the road horn button will toggle between the yelp/wail tones, a quick double tap will switch the siren off. When the siren switch is off the road horn operates as normal.

Optional Radio Head protection via a tank mounted fibre glass cover with clear plastic ‘flip’ lid to allow access to the radio controls.

Modified Seat 

The original twin seat is modified to a single seat and is designed to provide maximum rider comfort. The seat is securely mounted retaining the original key release mechanism. The original pannier mounting configuration is retained.

 Modified Seat


Further Information

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